Skin Care Private Label

What Is Skin Care Private Label?

A private label skin care a skin care makes product manufacturer but sold by another company under their brand name. Some private label (also known as the white label) manufacturers are set up so that only slight changes can be made to the label while authentic skin care private label the manufacturer as Ariel Biotech allows the company to choose their packaging, labeling method (printed label, silkscreened or hot stamped) and make as many changes as desired to the label with different colors, shapes and even with metallic details to make their brand come to life.

Ariel Biotech is a full-service, high-quality private label personal care products a manufacturer that offers timely and affordable product development and product design; technical support including product strategies and development, packaging design, packaging, and label procurement; warehousing for excess products packaging, contract filling, multi-product packaging, shipping, and logistics support.

Ariel Biotech private label can finally, make your dreams of seeing your brand, and your products, a reality. Our private label skin care and hair care products are the perfect solution for luxury spas, salons, and retailers of all sizes looking for a simplified method to develop and introduce their line of natural, custom skin and hair care.

By offering low minimum quantities on a wide range of custom-made skin care and hair care formulations with personalized label and packaging, your line of custom cosmetics and spa products are within your reach.

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Types Of Skin Care Private Label

We offer three types of private labels, which allows us to stay competitive while focusing on unique customer requirements.

No Label Products

We neatly store all newly produced, no-label products and ship out in low quantities. The products will be quickly delivered in 2-3 days. This allows you to try the product, test your market and see what you and your customers like before investing in bulk orders.

Digital Printing Products

Many customers may need their customized brand packaging design for market testing or photography purposes. We support producing in small quantities (several pieces or less than 20 pieces) for digital printing packaging.

Normal Production Private Label Products

We support a small quantity private labels for mass production but customers need to pay for an additional machine setup or mold fee; the order quantity can be as low as 100pcs for many of our products, and usually 500 to 1000pcs for the majority of our skincare and hair care products. We can make unique packaging design such as gold stamping, embossing, UV, and placing metallic details on the packaging that is the same as OEM order of quantity which is 10000pcs.

Table of Contents

01.How To Define MOQ Of Skin Care Private Label?

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MOQ means Minimum Order The quantity determined by a minimum quantity of bulk materials or the minimum quantity of packaging materials, whatever is the biggest.

Bulk materials MOQ

In most factories, the minimum emulsification machine tank size is 30KG, so it should produce the the minimum amount of cream, toner, or serum which is at least 30KG. Otherwise, it is hard to control the parameters of the emulsification machine. For example, the MOQ of 30ml the serum is 1000pcs based on the machine tank’s minimum capacity.

Packaging material MOQ

The packaging materials’ MOQ differs in each sort; for For example, most MOQ for plastic bottles are 5000 to 10000pcs, tubes MOQ is 10000pcs, and sachets MOQ is 30000pcs. Ariel tries to source standard packaging materials available in smaller quantities to make private labels possible. It needs to be checked.

02.Lead Time Of Skin Care Private Label

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For customized private labels, the average lead time is about 10 to 15 days if based on standard blank packaging products and standard formulations. It only needs customized stickers and boxes with customer’s own unique design. We will then assemble everything for ship out.

The production lead time is about 20 to 25 days if the customer wants to make a customized formulation. The longer lead time is due to customized formulation materials production and microbiological tests, which will take 7 to 10 days at least.

03.Process Of Skin Care Private Label

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Once the products are ready for production, there will be three steps to follow: envision your ideal product, formulate it, and find the proper label/ packaging. Unlike other Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers, Ariel Biotech does not provide a pre-designed product in a bottle with a label and company brand name on it. In this way, we allow your products to have a more the personal touch, and you have more control over the look and feel of your brand.

Stock or buy direct products with pre-formulated options using luxurious packaging and labeling to heighten your the brand’s awareness and look. We have a full list of skin care products with complete transparency of ingredients beneath the product description. There are samples available for everything provided so that you can see firsthand the quality of our products and decide what’s suitable for your brand.

The Custom Manufacturing The private label option is for customers who want the ultimate creative decision in their products. Before looking into the Custom Manufacturing Process, we recommend exploring the stock products available so that you can verify the quality and test the market, as it is likely, you will find products and formulas that already meet your needs. If not, we will begin modifying these formulas, or starting from scratch, to turn your vision into reality.

Once you have explored our stock samples and know which bases you like, or if you already know what you want to create with your custom formula, we can work with you through our Lab Sample process on creating your product. Read more about our process and start on the initial forms here. You will need to fill out our Custom Samples Build List or contact our sales representative to begin the sample formulation process.

Developing high-quality skin care products require an indepth understanding of the raw ingredients that were used to make these products. With more than 23 years of experience, our lab is wellversed on how these ingredients interact with each other and how they affect skin and hair. Once each specific product has been developed, the manufacturer will source and store the ingredients necessary to create products safely and timely.

04.How To Work With A Skin Care Private Label Manufacturer?

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To start with your brand skincare business most efficiently and professionally, finding the best private label skin care manufacturer is perhaps the most critical the decision you will make. To assist you in this decision, here are some things to consider:

  1. Remember, you are setting up a strategic partnership; you must find a reputable manufacturer. Working with natural skin care private label manufacturer. Always check listings (and reviews if possible) to verify the genuineness of the company
  2. Ask for recommendations from other companies or industry trade groups. Investigating the history, processes, and quality control of each manufacturer ensures that you found a trustworthy partner.
  3. Always ask each manufacturer how long they have been in business. You are putting your money, brand reputation, and formulations into the manufacturer’s hands. It is essential to find someone who has the experience and knowledge to produce quality products.
  4. Pay attention to the service you receive before you sign a contract. If they are attentive during your exploration process, they will be more likely to be responsivewhen choosing your chosen manufacturer.
  5. Ask about additional charges. Hidden costs may include manufacturing minimums,storage fees, and transportation costs.
  6. Find out which manufacturers are on the the cutting edge of the industry, working with the hottest brands and helping them launch lines with unique and effective raw materials. This is the the manufacturer you want.

05.What We Do for Skin Care Private Label?

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Private Label Skincare

Ariel Biotech has been in the skin care industry since 1998. We help our clients with formulation development, artwork design, sourcing of packaging, quick private label production, and shipping. We will be your partner in creating your private label skin care lines. We have already helped hundreds of spa owners, estheticians, and salon owners bring their product ideas to life with our custom formulation process.

Custom Manufacturing (OEM/ ODM)

Customers can choose us for custom solutions for skincare per OEM/ODM; we have custom formulated products for retailers, distributors, entrepreneurs, spa owners, estheticians, and other skin care businesses. Will customize the products based on customers’ brand and specifications.

Wholesale Skin Care Products

In addition to our private label and custom manufacturing solutions, we also bring you wholesale skin care products direct from our English brand at genuinely competitive prices. Customers can order our brand skincare products inflexible quantities and deliver them in about 2 to 3 days.

06.Ariel Biotech Solutions

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Stock Skin Care Formulas

With over 23 years of formulating experience, we believe we’re one of the existing top private label skin care companies. We have more then ten thousand stock formulas available for your white label and private label needs.

The advantages of using stock formulas are

low minimums (100 to 500 units depending upon product and packaging) fast product introductions

no product development costs Just because these are stock formulas, it doesn’t mean they are standard or not high quality. Consumers love them, and they sell continuously across different retail channels.

Our stock formulas contain the most modern, marketable ingredients available, sourced worldwide, including Europe and the USA. You will find that our ready-to-sell cosmetics are the perfect fit for your business, and you need nothing more to satisfy your market!

With our stock formula, private label skincare, you can focus on your core business management, marketing, and sales – the creative, fun aspects of being an Indie skin care company.

Custom Formulas

If one of our stock white label products do not meet your needs, we are fully equipped to develop a custom formula to precisely satisfy your requirements. A custom beauty product is suitable for customers who require: Specialized high-quality, naturally-derived cosmetics for a wide variety of markets,Including

a unique or specially-focused product made to individual specifications

an exclusive product

internet-based businesses (such as Amazon resellers)

direct sales (television, mail order, multi-level marketing, craft markets)

retail stores (clinics, skin care salons, spas, medical offices, mass market)

Feel free to discuss your custom, private label ideas with us. We assure you that your will execute ideas flawlessly. Our goal is to make you successful in starting a skincare business.

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We understand that good packaging is just as important as the product itself. For this the reason, we have made a special the effort to offer our stock formulas in stylish packaging, which will stand out, distinguishing your product from the competition.

Packaging is consist of several aspects: product container, label setup, design, label printing, and an optional box.

Ariel Biotech offers an excellent selection of stock containers. If one of our stock containers did not meet your requirements, you may supply your container from another packaging supplier.

If you can fill and pack the products in your end, we can supply most of our products in bulk. We are their bulk skin care product manufacturers for some other labs and established companies.

We have label templates for all of our stock formula products. If your design and the text remain similar to our label templates, our designer can set these up for you.

If not, you may feel free to ask your designer to provide labels for you. We outsource a digital, highresolution label printing company to perform excellently tasks for us. The labels are continuously laminated for protection.

If you wish to pack your products in individual boxes, we can recommend an excellent cosmetic box manufacturer that offers reasonable prices and minimum order quantities.

Example of private labels solution

Standard blank bottle + customized sticker and box

Standard printed bottle + customized box

Total customized packaging.

07.Benefits of Using Ariel Biotech

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When it comes to producing a the new product, Ariel Biotech, can help you formulate and manufacture new products. Many of the brands we work with utilizing us for new product development to focus on marketing and distributing their

product. We have more than 10000 developed formulations that have been verified and meet FDA/EU regulations.

Allowing the brand to specialize in marketing and the manufacturer to specialize in creating the product creates a more efficient process. These efficiency improvements are passed on to the customer in high-quality products at reasonable prices. Their brand loyalty will increase because they relied on your specially curated products.

Ariel Biotech corporation has been in beauty salon skin care in China for more than 23 years. It has an extensive sales channel with thousands of beauty salons, so we will verify each skincare product we produced in our cooperated

beauty salons. Thus can make sure the formulation is stable and safe to customers when we formally introduce it to customers.

08.Services We Provided For Private Labels

We provide associated value-added services for private labels to help small business owners or personal ones realize their dreams. We provide valueadded services like logo design, artwork design, free photography, packaging materials sourcing, and logistic management. With such additional services, we can make our customers focus on their core business of marketing.

09.Tips For Private Label

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Several tips that can be used if you are a small business owner and want to start your skincare business.

  1. Emphasize and clarify what products you want to order based on your market strategy. If you target high-end customers with your high the quality or a high volume of products that have a competitive price, which sales channels you want to sell your products, then you can define the specific requirements for your products.
  2. Try to control the total cost of your first trial order. It is hard to estimate the market performance even if you have a good business plan, so try to control the total cost of the first order to reduce the risk of loss, and at the same time, you can switch to another product if you failed the first trial order.
  3. Quick private label build is significant. You have to move quickly on your project so that you have enough time to “test the waters”. It also gives you the chance to switch to other products or projects if the current product’s sales are not good. “trial and error” and quick change is key to ecommercial business today.
  4. Find a private label company that matches your business requirements. Small customized packaging solutions, mature formulations, and quickly private label products are critical factors in making private labels successful.

10.What do you need to get started?

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For no-label products, you I don’t need anything. It’s plain and simple. You need to contact us and let us know about your requirements and expectations; then, we’ll give you further update regarding the product.

For digital printing or mass production private label products, we require you to send your final artwork in Vector format to E-mail. If you do not have an artwork, you can send us your logo and requirements; our in-house the designer can help make the design for you for free if the order value reaches 1000USD for each part.

Below is our private label process; kindly feel free to send us a mail for further discussion info@arielcosmetic.c om or contact our critical support mobile & WhatsApp.

Let's Build Your Skin Care Brand