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Quality Control

01)Besides good quality system control, we have systematic process for products verification from formulation research, samples build, to mass production products to make sure the products quality is good when deliver to customers. There are 3 steps for products verification during products development stage, in production stage, and pre-shipment stage.

02)Product Development Stage

03)Safety assessment

04)We practice various testing by using actual person’s skin to inspect during formulation development stage. Our goal is to develop lower stimulated product. Therefore, we execute inspection on both raw materials and formulations.

Our Safety Assessment Division does patch test and product use test for every product. We only commercialize the products that have passed our original strict inspections.

05)Stability assessment

06)To maintain high quality by elaborate inspection of assuming all the possible cases, we not only we use measuring equipment and instruments for assessment, but we also assess by sensory of appearance, color and scent by our experienced staff to inspect and observe the compatibility of content and data. Therefore we are confident that our developed products are safe to use for long time.

07)Functionality assessment

08)We implement a various validation test to verify the new formulation has the designed effects. Tests include, level of cell such as 3-dimensional cultured skin model (reproduced of human’s cell and skin) and also observation of actual use by person. From these tests we collect all the data to back up the functionality which show whether products fit the concept and the characteristic of formulations. Our goal is to create real effect skincare per definition of formulation so that customer can acquire satisfaction when using.

09)In Production Stage

10) Inspection for raw and packaging material

11)Inspect whether received raw-materials and packaging materials comply with standards. Functionality inspection (fitting matching, air tightness, indication) of container. Standard inspection of raw-material (appearance, physicality, viable bacteria).

12)Quality inspection of mixing and bulk

13)Inspect whether manufactured bulk complies with customer and in-house standards, by using variety of equipment. Especially check physicality such as appearance, odor and feeling.

PH inspection,Viscosity inspection, Appearance inspection,Odor inspection,Usability inspection,

Microbiological inspection,Specific weight inspection,Quantity inspection

14) On-line inspection

15)Products are inspected on the line by various kinds of equipment. Furthermore, there is visual appearance check by our staff.

Weight inspection,Lot printing confirmatory inspection,Lot printing confirmatory inspection,

Indication inspection,Damage and contamination inspection.

16)Off-line inspection

17)Inspector routinely checks appearance and other items of products on the line by sampling.

Inspection of opening and closing torque.

Appearance inspection,Lot printing confirmatory inspection,Damage and contamination inspection.

18)Pre-Shipment Stage

19)Inspection before shipping

Inspector checks final products by sampling. Products which passed the inspections are only shipped out.

Appearance inspection,Microbiological inspection,pH inspection,Viscosity inspection,Odor inspection,

Specific weight inspection,Quantity inspection.


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We are always thinking about the question what is the key value of our daily work, creating value to customers seems our top priority. Our business is to provide you with quality products that will assist you in customizing your vision of your product line and image. In doing so this supports a bottom line that will create higher profit margins while maintaining a minimized product inventory.