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We do not sell the package materials directly, but as value added service to our customers, we source wide series of package materials in our supply database. Thus customers can choose their preferred package materials by the photos and information on our web, and we will follow details for customers if customers advise which product code of package materials. The package materials price is very competitive comparing customers source the package materials by themselves due to our strong supply chain management capability. We know for most of the time it is very challenge for customers to find suitable package materials and it is time consuming work, we want our customers can focus on their core business of marketing by our work on package materials sourcing.

The advantages we bring to customers for package materials:

Competitive price. We know the package materials market and our strong capability in package materials sourcing can make lower price to customers.

Good quality. All the package materials suppliers are verified by our sourcing quality team, and the products are verified by us too, so that we can make sure good quality.

Flexible order quantity. By strategic cooperation with package materials suppliers, they can provide flexible order quantity for most of the package materials.

More process choice. For the package materials on the web, we have reviewed printing process with suppliers, so our sales representative can recommend details to customers for process needed.

Close project follow up. We can follow up the project timeline and associated issues with package materials tightly for customers, more efficient and time saving for customers.

Package materials selection flow:

Customer requirements or reference photo – Ariel source for customer – Specification checking – Surface process confirmation – Package materials ordering

Customer check package materials on Ariel web – confirm package materials – Surface process confirmation – Package materials ordering


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Create Value To Customers

We are always thinking about the question what is the key value of our daily work, creating value to customers seems our top priority. Our business is to provide you with quality products that will assist you in customizing your vision of your product line and image. In doing so this supports a bottom line that will create higher profit margins while maintaining a minimized product inventory.