Private label cosmetic manufactures is ideal for small business owners, beauty salons, boutiques and single stores to sell their own products with unique image. Quantities range from a few pieces up to several hundred of each product. You almost don’t need anything but money and an idea of the types of products you want. It gets you into the business fast without large start-up or inventory costs, the only limitation being the formulations, products, and packaging carried by the supplier.

However, it is quite challenge to find correct private label cosmetic manufacturers for private labels. The cost of private labels from manufacturers in Europe and USA is extremely high, and lead time is very long. The cosmetic manufacturers in China is normally focus on OEM production with large quantity and most of them do not have capability in customized formulation development.
In Ariel, we firmly believe that customer value is top priority focus in our company strategy and routine works. We want to support customer business by long term win-win cooperation, because we believe customers win then we can win. We try our best to provide valued added services to our customers from raw materials selection, package materials sourcing, production information collection, products testing, products FDA & CPNP registration, logistics service, free sampling, photograph, etc.. So that customers can focus on their core business in the market side.
Ariel Biotech mainly focused on high quality skincare manufacturing for oversea customers, we support both high volume orders and high mix orders. We also provide total solution to customers from brand/products planning, artwork design, testing reports, licenses application, photographs, video making, and logistic managements; so that we want our customers can make business easier and can focus on their core business.


The production lead time will be different based on different production type. For private label based on our in house blank package skincare, it normally take 5 to 10 days (in customized stickers and boxes producing). It will normally take 20 to 35 days if for OEM with all formulation and package materials customized produced, the reason is that need more time to do microbiological test.

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